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GX-6000 Benzene Gas Detector

GX-6000 Benzene Gas Detector

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PID 6 Gas Portable Monitor

Benzene specific measurement

Benzene Select Mode takes timed samples using pre-filter tube

Benzene Filter Tube Holder

Long break through times for Benzene filter tubes

6 Operating modes

Smallest 6 gas sample draw

2 Interchangeable smart sensor slots

2 PID options: 10.6 & 10.0 eV lamps

PID library of over 600 VOC’s

Benzene specific version

PPM Leak Check mode

LEL sensor protection mode

Man-down alarm

Panic alarm

Auto display rotation

LED Light source

Internal sample pump

Light weight, small, rugged IP-67 design

Interchangeable battery packs (Li-ion / alkaline)

Operates up to 14 hours on Li-ion battery pack, fully recharges in 3 hours; 8 hours operation with alkaline pack

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The GX-6000 Benzene Detector is a game changer and it just changed the game again with the Benzene Specific measuring mode. With the addition of the highly selective 10.0 eV PID sensor, the GX-6000 can now detect the BTEX family of VOC’s including benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene with a range of 0 – 100 ppm and a library of over 300 VOC’s. By using the PID pre-filter tubes and the filter tube holder, the GX-6000 can specifically monitor for benzene at a range of 0.01 – 50 ppm by filtering out all other VOC’s. The filter tube holder has a unique break away design to avoid accidental damage if impacted or dropped. The filter tube holder also includes a safe and convenient glass breaker for the filter tube tips.

The GX-6000 has two PID sensors availabe, a 10.6 eV and a 10.0 eV, to use on either of it’s two smart sensor slots. The GX-6000 is the only PID instrument on the market with the ability to have two PID sensors functioning in one instrument. Use the broad range 10.6 eV PID sensor for a broad range of preliminary investigation, then switch to benzene mode for a highly specific measurement.

Selecting among the hundreds of VOC target gases is simple. Use the GX-6000’s user defined list to create a custom list of up to 30 commonly used target gases, or simply use the recently used list, which holds the 8 most recent target VOC in it’s memory. Equipped with a strong internal sample pump, a man-down alarm, a panic alarm, an LED flashlight, and large auto rotating LCD display. This specific GX-6000 model comes with a library of over 600 VOC gases to choose from as standard. GX 6000, GX6000.

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