What are the Top Benefits of Laser Level Repair?

There is extensive use of laser levels in the construction and civil industry. They are used in harsh and rugged environments, and they undergo a lot of strain on them. The various kinds of laser level equipment are prone to being knocked off, dropped and toppled over. Moreover, the construction site, where these pieces of equipment are used is rough, and they tend to get covered by dirt and concrete. After all such wear and tear, laser level accuracy is susceptible to change and without the guarantee of a laser level accuracy, your construction project can be hampered in a big way.

Why Should you have your Laser Level Repaired and Calibrated?

Precision instruments, with mechanical and optical parts like laser levels, are vulnerable to shocks and vibrations, which can throw off their stability. It can lead to application errors that could have a ripple effect. Laser level repair services like Zenith Instruments offer professional and on-site laser level repairs with a quick turnaround time to ensure that your project accuracy is not affected by a faulty laser level. At Zenith Instruments, we use our extensive knowledge to calibrate a wide range of laser level instruments. We calibrate, service, test and repair the following types of laser level instruments including, Automatic, Multi-line, Cross-line, Pipe, Dumpy, Rotating, and Theodolite. Our expert recommendation is to have your laser level repaired and calibrated every 6 months, as these instruments are highly prone to shocks, wear and tear, and physical damage.

How does Zenith Instruments provide Laser Lever Repair and Calibration Services?

At Zenith Instruments, we follow a 3 step process for all our calibration services. We follow these step diligently, to provide high-level quality assurance as per the manufacturer’s specification.

1. Accuracy verification

The first step is to check the existing accuracy levels of your laser level instrument. We compare it with its factory settings, using our latest standard equipment and ranges.

2. Repair, Calibration and service

When the laser level doesn’t adhere to its factory setting accuracy, we then check whether there are physical parts damaged or any optical parts that need replacement to achieve the manufacturer set accuracy. After laser level repairing, we then calibrate it by adjusting the laser level or the detector to ensure it complies with the standard accuracy levels. After that, we clean and service the instrument. Our cleaning involves removing all the dirt covering the instrument without damaging any sensitive parts of it. We clean both the internal and external units. We also check the batteries, quality of receivers, the functionality of remotes and chargers that were supplied from the manufacturer to ensure everything complies to the desired specification and its accuracy is set to the standard.

3. Documentation

After our experts have completed the laser level repair, calibration and servicing of your laser equipment, we will provide you documentation in the form of a Calibration Certificate and Recordkeeping services. Our certificate will be issued in both physical and electronic format, which authenticates that your laser level instrument’s accuracy has been checked and calibrated to satisfy the Quality Auditing requirement. Our Calibration Certificate satisfies the requirements of many of the ISOs standard for various quality control and assurance.

Construction sites require these certificates to be current. As recommended earlier, laser level repair and calibration needs to be done every 6 months to ensure that your accuracy levels are maintained. If you feel the accuracy is off, and you are getting an inaccurate reading, then you should get the calibration done even earlier.

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