Thermometer Calibration Service

Temperature and humidity meters are used in all types of industries and are a very critical part of food processing and manufacturing. Typical uses of thermometers in the industry include furnaces, refrigerated trucks, medical freezers, weather stations, with dozens of more potential instances. This is why thermometer calibration is of utmost importance and is why to get the best results you should go for a thermometer calibration service.

Thermometers on paper are simple instruments, but the service they provide is incredibly important. There are numerous industries that would suffer huge detriment in the event that their thermometers were even slightly inaccurate. Because of this, the need for comprehensive digital thermometer calibration is more crucial than it has ever been. As a result of this, it is our goal to use our expertise to ensure that your thermometers are always reading precisely. We are champions of safety and want you to know that we’re here to help. With infrared thermometer calibration, you can be assured that your devices will give you the most accurate readings each time without fail.

Our team of technicians are highly trained in calibration, service and repair any temperature and humidity (RH) measuring and testing instruments. We bring knowledge, experience and equipment to thermometer calibration that guarantees their accurate correction.


Humidity Meter Calibration

We also Provide On-Site Service and Pickup / Delivery Service: To find more please call on 02 9680 8765 or 03 9562 0373

With professional humidity meter calibration, you will always be able to rely on your humidity meter to give you precise readings. At Zenith Instruments we also provide the facilities to enable you to have a fully calibrated temperature and humidity meter.

It is our aim at Zenith Instruments to service the widest range of instruments possible, which ensures that our customers come to us for a solution for all of their calibration needs. We calibrate, service, test and repair the following Instruments:

  • Autoclave
  • Cool Room
  • Data Logger
  • Dry Heat Oven
  • Fridge / Freezer
  • Furnace
  • Glass Thermometer
  • Humidity Meter
  • Incubator
  • IR Thermometer
  • RH Meter
  • RTD Indicator
  • RTD Probe
  • Sterilizer
  • Temperature and Humidity Tansmiter
  • Temperature Calibrator
  • Temperature Controller / Switch
  • Temperature Indicator
  • Temperature Water Bath
  • Thermocouple
  • Thermohydrograph
  • Thermometer

Fridge & Freezer Calibration Service

It’s often very important not to wait too long to calibrate your equipment. The temperamental nature of food means that accurate readings are a necessity. If your fridge calibration is not done, then there is a high chance that the improper readings will lead you to store food beyond its expiry or even in a manner that does not keep it fresh. This effectively means that without professional freezer calibration you are likely to pose a dangerous risk to your employers or family by storing food at non recommended temperatures. If you believe your thermometer is not working properly, or even if it may be performing inefficiently, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here to bring expert knowledge and experience through our team, who will ensure your thermometer is calibrated perfectly.

We also conduct ear thermometer calibration for both hospital and personal use. It is always better to go with a calibrated ear thermometer as you can rely on the readings and not take any chances with your health.

If you have any questions about our thermometer calibrations, make sure to contact us. We also conveniently offer On-Site Service and a Pickup / Delivery Service. To find out additional information, please call us on 02 9680 8765 or 03 9562 0373. Our friendly staff are ready to answer any queries you may have and can offer additional advice to complement your specific situation.

If you need assistance with any other instruments, make sure to visit our main services page to see our full range of services.

Frequently Asked Questions

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