Digital Multimeter Calibration


Zenith Instruments provide excellent calibration services to ensure that your multimeter is always accurate. Multimeter calibration is important so that meters are always testing and measuring correctly in whatever situation they have been applied to. This may include basic fault finding, field service work, or even being used as a way to accurately measure in benchwork. When the multimeter does not measure properly, its function as an accurate tool is defunct. This makes digital multimeter calibration an extremely important process that needs to be done on a repetitive basis to ensure that the multimeter readings are beyond reproach. Failure to calibrate your digital multimeter can cause you to operate on improper measurements and incorrect data which can cause a whole host of problems down the line.

With extended use, there is a need to recalibrate a multimeter. Factors including the environment (such as temperature and humidity) and physical use and abuse result in the degradation of measuring quality. It is usually a good idea to keep this wear and tear in mind, as the services you are performing will suffer as a result. Furthermore, simply not using a multimeter can cause its measuring parameters to degrade over time making it highly necessary to calibrate a digital multimeter. Calibration is particularly useful before audits, to ensure that your instrument is performing as well as it should be. If you constantly conduct DMM calibration for all your instruments then the chances of the measurement readings being wrong are minimised nearly to zero.

Dmm Calibration

Zenith Instruments are here to calibrate your multimeter, no matter what it is used for. With our digital multimeter calibration services, you will never need to worry about the accuracy or performance output of your multimeters anymore. No matter the kind of meter you own, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that it returns to a perfectly accurate state. We can calibrate your digital multimeter to ensure that it gives perfect and accurate readings every single time without fail. If you have any questions regarding specific instruments, please don’t hesitate to enquire with us.

Calibrate Digital Multimeter

Our friendly and helpful staff are always on hand to offer you a tailored solution to meter calibration. Our meter calibration services are focused on the backbone of highly qualified and skilled technicians who are equipped with top notch calibrating devices. We come from a place of great experience, and always take the time to understand your needs. You can be assured that when

you approach us for DMM calibration, you are getting a level of service that is unmatched all across Victoria and will provide you with reliable and comprehensive calibration. It is a goal for us to always deliver the very best standards of customer care across every industry we deal with.

If you would like to contact us, don’t hesitate to call us today on (02) 9680 8765 or (03) 9562 0373 for an obligation-free quote. We are also ready to answer any questions regarding multimeter calibration, or any other kind of calibration, particularly with regards to clarification.

Zenith Instruments offer a very wide range of services that address many different instruments. If you have issues with other instruments or are curious about the other services we provide, make sure to visit our main page.

Frequently Asked Question's

Yes, it is possible to calibrate a digital multimeter. In fact, digital multimeter calibration is recommended by most experts at least once per year. It is also possible to manually calibrate a multimeter however, it is always best to go with professional meter calibration services to get the best results.

Whether it is to measure current, voltage, or resistance, it is extremely important to conduct a DMM calibration at least once a year. Failure to comprehensively calibrate your digital multimeter can result in faulty readings which can be disastrous for most types of equipment. If you go with professional meter calibration services, then your multimeter calibration can be a scheduled service that is done even if you forget about it.