Gas Detector Calibration

At Zenith Instruments, we offer fast, efficient and affordable gas detector calibration to ensure the safe and seamless functioning of your process. As an experienced provider of calibration services, we have a thorough understanding of the criticality of processes and can cater to all your gas calibration needs.

We understand that it is in the interest of safety that gas monitoring needs to be accurate. Accuracy is vital not only for optimum results but also for ensuring that the equipment and installations are safe to work around with. Without adequate monitoring, there is a huge danger of hazards.

Gas Monitor Calibration

With incorrect results, there is the risk of a leak going undetected and the circulation of gas at a harmful level. Zenith Instrument’s Gas monitoring division has a vast wealth of experience in the sale, service and calibration of all types of instruments and detection equipment.

We are an authorised warranty service and sales centre of RKI Instruments and Riken Gas Detectors. We can service and calibrate all types of monitors including BW, MSA, GFG, Honeywell, Biosystems, RKI, and many more. With scheduled calibrations, you can be sure that your equipment is offering correct readings.

On-site Gas Detector Calibration

  • Ammonia detectors
  • Car park emissions monitors
  • Carbon dioxide detectors
  • Carbon monoxide sensors
  • Confined space monitors
  • Ethylene sensors
  • Fixed gas monitor equipment
  • Gas transmitters
  • Hydrocarbon monitors
  • Hydrogen sulfide sensors
  • Methane sensors
  • Oxygen detectors
  • Sensor replacements
  • Single, four and toxic gas detec tors

Our service is designed for your convenience and extends beyond the calibration lab. If you think that it is not feasible to send your equipment to us, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. Our on-site, pickup and delivery services give added convenience to our customers, providing efficiency and minimising time lost to taking equipment to a service centre. We will ensure that your experience with us is a smooth one.

Complete Calibration Solutions in Australia

We have established a reputation for offering expert calibration services and you can count on us for all your needs. Safety is our priority and as calibration specialists, we have the experience of working with various industries over the years.

Whether you are looking for a gas detector for sale, a personal gas monitor for sale, or require a calibration service, Zenith Instruments can help. Sydney and Melbourne based, we supply and work with a wide range of industries across Australia, priding ourselves on exceptional service and knowledge, ensuring our impeccable reputation is maintained at all times. We guarantee our outstanding workmanship from our highly trained and qualified technicians, enabling your business to minimise downtime and lost productivity.

Your Experts in Gas Equipment Calibration

Zenith Instruments offer a wide assortment of other services, such as other calibration amenities – visit our main page if you have any issues with other instruments, or want to know more about what else we provide.

Talk to our expert team about how a full range of services and products. Call us on (02) 9680 8765 or (03) 9562 0373 and find out more about how we can help you and your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

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