Why Calibration of Measuring Instruments are Needed?

Doing a comparison between a standardised measuring instrument to the working instrument, to check and raise the accuracy levels is the main aim of calibration. The accuracy of the standard should be 10: 1 to the instrument being calibrated. However, even a 3:1 accuracy ratio is accepted by many Standards Organisation. To comply with many quality standards like ISOs, it is imperative to have the periodic calibration of your various instruments. At Zenith Instruments, we provide top-notch quality instrument calibration services, on-site at your location, or in our in-house well-equipped laboratory. With unrivalled skill, our calibration experts have succeeded in offering services par excellence to our clients.

What is Calibration?

Instrument calibration services have twofold benefits: We check and ensure that the accuracy of your instrument is as per the manufacturer’s specification, and also provides a way to trace the measurement. When an instrument is out of calibration, our instrument calibration services includes repairs to restore its accuracy. Each instrument calibrated by us is supported by a comprehensive Calibration Certificate and Recordkeeping service. Our experts will have a report to show the error in measurement before and after the instrument calibration services.

Why is Instrument Calibration Important?

All instruments undergo wear and tear, which diminishes their accuracy leading to faulty measurements. Apart from the general wear and tear, changes in accuracy can be attributed to several other factors such as electric or mechanical shock. Having instruments to work in a hazardous manufacturing environment, like oil, or metal chips may also lead to changes in accuracy. Based on the environmental and usage factors, the accuracy of an instrument can change quickly or steadily deteriorate over a period. That is why it is important to have scheduled instrument calibration services to ensure that your measuring instruments are working at the optimum condition to ensure product quality.

When should you get Instrument Calibration Services for your Measuring Devices?

Calibration of your measuring device must be done periodically according to these conditions:

  • As per the recommended timelines of the measuring device manufacturer.
  • After any mechanical or electrical shock.
  • Periodically according to the quality standards mandate (annually, quarterly or monthly)

Choosing to work with instrument calibration services like Zenith Instruments is a preventive action that will help you reduce the risk and major cost of working with a faulty measuring device, which hampers your product quality.

Looking for Expert Calibration Services?

Zenith Instruments offers a full range of instrument calibration services in Sydney, Melbourne and Australia-wide. Our testing and repair services give your business peace of mind with unrivalled quality assurance standards. We can calibrate a full range of equipment to the highest possible standards of accuracy, ensuring superior reliability. Whether you specialise in telecommunications or electrical equipment, pressure or torque equipment, Zenith Instruments will put their expertise to work for you across a variety of industries. Whether you require instrument calibration services in Sydney, Melbourne or any other location, we have your needs covered. Our service is available across Australia and we assure you of the best possible outcome.

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