Why Choose an Accredited Calibration Services Laboratory? Zenith Instruments

Most measuring instruments undergo wear and tear over long time usage, and their accuracy and precision changes because of it. To ensure that process quality control is maintained, the measuring instruments need to always have their accuracy and precision levels within the acceptable range. Calibration services helps you maintain the accuracy of the measuring instruments, keep them reliable and maintain your product/process quality norms. Calibrating instruments is also a great way to extend the instrument’s service life and a way to preserve its lifespan.

It is crucial to work with a professional and experienced instrument calibration services laboratory to ensure top-quality calibration. There are many benefits to working with an accredited calibration services laboratory in Australia, like us, Zenith.

Here are a few of them:

  1. High level of technical expertise and knowledge: Calibrating important measuring instruments requires an in-depth knowledge of the instrument and high-level technical expertise to work with a precision instrument is needed. At Zenith Instruments, our trained professional technicians are highly competent at assessing, analysing, inspecting and repairing any of the measuring instruments being calibrated.
  2. Confidence assured: When you work with reputed and accredited calibration services like ours, you are assured of the calibration quality with a Calibration Certificate and Regular bookkeeping to provide you with the best services, which comply with international standards of quality control.
  3. Minimised Risk: Ensuring that your precision instruments are accurately calibrated, minimises the risk of errors in the process or products. By working with reputed calibration services labs, you are able to get proper documentation report for the calibration, maintain the accuracy level within the specified manufacturer’s limits.
  4. Safeguard your own facilities reputation: Many process industries need to adhere to strict codes of quality control. Working with standards-compliant calibration services will ensure all your measuring instruments accuracy are within the standards, which will result in a quality assured process. It directly translates to maintaining your facility’s quality reputation.
  5. Meet your own accreditation standards: Working with accredited service providers is a stipulation of your own accreditation. To maintain compliance with those standards, you’ll need to choose similarly accredited calibration services labs.

Why Choose Zenith Instruments?

At Zenith Instruments, we provide complete calibration services for different instruments. As specialists in the sphere of calibration and repair, we take utmost care to ensure that equipment and tools are calibrated to adhere to the highest standards. Our calibration experts have wide experience and you can count on us for maintaining compliant instruments. For all your requirements for calibration services in Australia, look no further. We take pride in our commitment to quality and quick turnaround time. Whether you require in-house or on-site calibration, you can count on our expertise to get the job done right.

  • Highly Skilled Industry Trained Engineers
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • On-Site Calibration Expert
  • Premium Services & products
  • Australia-Wide Service
  • Quality Customer Service

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