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Digital Vibration Meter

Digital Vibration Meter

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  • Measuring acceleration and velocity
  • Velocity Range 200mm/s²
  • Acceleration Range 0.5 – 199.9 m/s²
  • Frequency 10Hz – 1KHz
  • Calibration Point Velocity 50mm/s (160Hz)
  • Calibration Point Acceleration 50m/s² (160Hz)
  • Min / Max
  • Separate vibration probe with magnetic base
  • RMS and peak measurement
  • Microprocessor based


The MT965 is a portable vibration meter used for measuring acceleration and velocity. All industrial machinery vibrates therefore knowing the level of vibration is a useful guide for determining the machine condition. Poor balance, misalignment and looseness of the structure will cause the vibration level to increase. This is a sure sign that maintenance is needed. The MT965 has a microprocessor and is the ideal instrument for industrial vibration monitoring.


Function Range Accuracy
Velocity Range 0.5 – 199.9mm/s²
Acceleration Range 0.5 – 199.9m/s²
Frequency Range 10Hz – 1KHz ±(5% +2) 160 Hz, 80Hz
Calibration Point Velocity 50mm/s (160Hz)
Calibration Point Acceleration 50m/s² (160Hz)
Display  LCD Screen
Sample Rate 1 second
Min Max Ave Yes
Overrange Indication Yes
Peak Measurement Yes
Data Hold Yes
Back Light Yes
Enclosure Over moulded casing
Low Battery Indication Yes
Battery 9V
Weight Meter 274g
Weight Probe 38g
Dimensions Meter 185 x 78 x 38mm
Dimensions Probe 16mm dia x 29mm


Carrying Case
9V Battery
Vibration sensor
Instruction manual
Magnetic base