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Gas Leak Checker for Combustible, Toxic, Freon and Fumigation Gases

Gas Leak Checker for Combustible, Toxic, Freon and Fumigation Gases

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  • Over 40 target gases available
  • Sensitivity and gas range automatically change based on selected target gas
  • Weighs only 7.5 ounces
  • Resistant to silicone poisoning
  • Silence gas alarms for discrete leak checking
  • Snap logging records and saves to up to 128 readings
  • Built-in LED lighting for dark and confined spaces
  • IP 55, SP 220
  • 12 hours operation
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For fumigation, town-gas and LP gas check. SP220 Lead Checker.

Model SP-220 TYPE FUM
(Toxic, Combustible, CFC)
Target gas Refer to the gas list
Detection principle Hot-wire semiconductor method (MOS)
Sensor SH-8662
Measuring range Depends on target gas
Accuracy Displays 0.1 ppm-bar when 0.3 ppm PH3 applied.
Alarm set point Depends on target gas
Alarm pattern

Gas alarm : Gas concentration reached or over the setting point. Trouble alarm: Sensor connection / breaking, Low battery, Low flow

Circuit error, Calibration error

Alarm method Non-latching
Display of alarm

Gas alarm : Flashing LED, Buzzer

Trouble alarm: Flashing LED, Buzzer, Display of error message

Sampling method Sample draw
Response time 10 sec.: Time to reach 0.1 ppm when 0.3 ppm PH3 applied.
Output signal IrDA
Control buttons [AIR] [MODE] [POWER]
Display device LCD
Display contents Gas name, Gas concentration, Time, Battery, Pilot indicator, Pump display indicator, Sound
Power source 2 AA Alkaline batteries
Continuous operation Greater than 12 hours
Operating temp. & humidity -20~+55°C (-4°F~+131°F), 0~95%RH(Non-condensing)
Dimension & weight 7.87”(H) x 1.69”(D) x 1.85”(W) (Tapered nozzle not included), 7.5oz
Ingress rating IP-55
Function Manual LCD backlight (Automatically ON when alarming), Peak value, Snap logging, Time, Cal alarm
Standard accessories Hand strap, Rubber cover, Tapered nozzle
Gas name Display Conc. Display 1 (ppm) Conc. Display 2 (ppm)
1,2- Dichloroethane EDC 1 10
2,3,3,3- Tetrafluoropropene CH2C2F4 10 30
Acetone C3H6O 1 10
Ammonia NH3 10
Arsine AsH3 0.2
Benzene C6H6 0.5 10
Carbon monoxide CO 10 30
CFC R-134a R-134a 50 250
CFC R-22 R-22 10 50
CFC R-32 R-32 10 50
CFC R-404A R-404A 10 50
CFC R-407C R-407C 10
CFC R-410A R-410A 10 50
Diborane B2H6 0.1
Ethanol C2H5OH 1 10
Ethylene C2H4 1 10
Ethylene oxide ETO 1 10
Formaldehyde HCHO 10 50
Germane GeH4 0.2
Hydrogen H2 1 10
Hydrogen bromide HBr 10
Hydrogen chloride HCL 10
Hydrogen selenide H2Se 0.5
Hydrogen sulfide H2S 0.1
Isobutane i-C4H10 1 10
Isopropyl alcohol IPA 1 10
Methane CH4 1 20
Methanol CH3OH 1 10
Methyl bromide CH3Br 1 20
Methyl chloride CH3CL 1 10
Methyl ethyl ketone MEK 1 10
n-hexane n-C6H14 10 50
Phosphine PH3 0.1 2
Propane C3H8 1 10
Silane SiH4 0.5
Sulfur dioxide SO2 1
Toluene C7H8 1 10
Trichloroethylene C2HCL3 10
Vinyl chloride VCM 1
Xylene C8H10 1 10

Gas nameDisplayConc. Display 1 (ppm)Conc. Display 2 (ppm)1,2- DichloroethaneEDC1102,3,3,3- TetrafluoropropeneCH2C2F41030AcetoneC3H6O110AmmoniaNH310–ArsineAsH30.2–BenzeneC6H60.510Carbon monoxideCO1030CFC R-134aR-134a50250CFC R-22R-221050CFC R-32R-321050CFC R-404AR-404A1050CFC R-407CR-407C10–CFC R-410AR-410A1050DiboraneB2H60.1–EthanolC2H5OH110EthyleneC2H4110Ethylene oxideETO110FormaldehydeHCHO1050GermaneGeH40.2–HydrogenH2110Hydrogen bromideHBr10–Hydrogen chlorideHCL10–Hydrogen selenideH2Se0.5–Hydrogen sulfideH2S0.1–Isobutanei-C4H10110Isopropyl alcoholIPA110MethaneCH4120MethanolCH3OH110Methyl bromideCH3Br120Methyl chlorideCH3CL110Methyl ethyl ketoneMEK110n-hexanen-C6H141050PhosphinePH30.12PropaneC3H8110SilaneSiH40.5–Sulfur dioxideSO21–TolueneC7H8110TrichloroethyleneC2HCL310–Vinyl chlorideVCM1–XyleneC8H10110

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