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Infrared Temperature Probe

Infrared Temperature Probe

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  • Max temperature display from -30°C ~ 550°C
  • Output 1mV per 1°C
  • Laser pointer
  • 8 to 1 distance to target ratio measures smaller surface areas at greater distances
  • 0.95 Fixed emissivity
  • Compatible with multimeters, clamp meters, oscilloscopes and industrial applications
  • Built-in analogue output of 1mV/°C or °F
  • Provides instant and highly repeatable readings


The MT684 probe is a non-contact temperature measurement accessory for use with a test instrument capable of measuring DC volts in the milli volt range such as multimeters or clamp meters. The distance to spot ratio of the probe is 8:1 and the temperature range is from -30°C to 550°C. This is an ideal tool for extending the users existing meters as a dedicate thermometer need to be purchased.