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Motor and Phase Rotation Meter

Motor and Phase Rotation Meter

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  • CAT IV 300V and CAT III 600V
  • LED Indication
  • Nominal Voltage Rotary Detection 400V AC
  • Nominal Voltage Phase Indirection 400V
  • Measuring Frequency 400Hz
  • Rotary field direction
  • 3-Phase neon Indication
  • Determines Motor Connection and magnetic Field Detection
  • Double injection rubber housing
  • Small lightweight and portable
  • Large size crocodile clips


The MT935 is a compact handheld Motor and Phase Rotation indicator, which is battery operated. The unit can be utilized on a 3 Phase powered system or on a 3 Phase unpowered motor without having to worry about damage to the tester. When used on a 3 Phase powered system the meter is a field indication instrument which displays all three phases by lighting up its corresponding lamp. It then displays the rotation for clockwise or anti-clockwise on an LED. In 3 Phase motors it is possible to determine the motor connections U, V and W without mains voltage present, thus avoiding damage to pumps with reversed motor rotation. It operates from 1VAC to 400VAC.


Function Range
Clamp Diameter Range 20mm
Detection Method LED Indication/non-contact
Measuring Frequency 2 – 400Hz
Nominal Voltage Rotary Detection 1 to 400V AC
Nominal Voltage Phase Indirection 120V – 400V
Phase Rotation Clock or Anti clock
Visual Indication LED Indication
Colours Red, Yellow Blue
Casing Double injection rubber housing
Batteries 9V
Weight 130g
Dimensions 130 x 69 x 32mm

Safety Ratings


Set of large sized croc clips
9V battery
Instruction manual