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Onboard Vehicle Loadcell - PT9011OVL

Onboard Vehicle Loadcell - PT9011OVL

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The PT9011OVL is a tool steel beam sealed to IP67, electroless nickel plated and ideally suited to onboard vehicle weighing.

The PT9011OVL can also be used in standard weighing installations where a rigid connection is required to keep the load in place and can support various axels or bearings in industrial weighing.

Each load cell comes with the standard PT Ltd serial numbered accuracy certificate and our famous 3 year warranty.



PT9011OVL Load Cell
videoPT9011OVL - Introducing the PT9011OVL

Pdf_icon PT9011OVL Data Sheet
Product Brochure and Specifications
Output at Capacity:  1.25±10% mV/V
Combined Error:  < 1.000% FSO
Zero Balance:  < 2% Capacity
Fixing Torque 1"-14 tpi:  230Nm/170ft-lb
Operating Temperature Range - 35 ~ +70 C
Storage Temperature Range:  - 50 ~ +80 C
Compensated Temperature Range:  - 10 ~ +40 C
Cable Type:  4 core shielded
Cable (cont.):  PUR sheath
Cable Diameter/length:  5.0mm, 10m long
Service Load:  100% Capacity
Safe Load:  120% Capacity
Ultimate Load:  150% Capacity
Input Resistance:  387Ω  ± 25Ω
Output Resistance:  350Ω  ± 3.5Ω
Insulation Resistance:  > 5000 MΩ  (@ 50 VDC)
Excitation Voltage (Rec):  5 ~ 15V AC/DC
Excitation Voltage (Max):  18 V AC/DC
Material:  Nickel Plated Alloy Steel
Protection:  Adhesive sealed, IP67
Excitation + ve: RED Excitation -ve: BLACK Signal + ve: GREEN Signal -ve: WHITE
Model Capacity
PT9011OVL-15t 15 tonne

Dimensions (mm)
Capacity Order M D H Weight(kg)
 15tonne DOM015TT000XXX 1"-14tpi UNS 20.3 56.5 6.9 each
(Due to PT’s policy of continuous development, specifications and products offered are subject to change without notice.)
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