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PT620 Advanced Indicator

PT620 Advanced Indicator

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The PT620 is one of the series PT610, PT620, PT630 advanced indicator series, built robust for industrial, agricultural and hygienic area operation.

The PT620 is an advanced, high quality general purpose weighing indicator for industry in a durable IP67 stainless steel housing. Ideal for platform, truck and hopper scales among other applications and is available with a wide range of options. The PT620 has many of the advanced features of the PT630 for stand alone use without the fieldbus connectivity.

The PT620 is approved by Weights & Measures Authorities for use in Accuracy Class III applications with 10000 intervals in accordance with OIML R76. Weighing, and Dynamic weighing for animals and fluctuating loads, check weighing, classifying, filling and counting are standard as is printing which is selectable from 6 languages.

Powerful Bi-directional Serial Interface (BSI-BASE, BSI-PRO) communication as standard. A wide range of options is available for desk, wall or panel mounting and digital I/O and analogue output.

Easy, practical operation via navigation keys with 6 large 22mm digits, 16 alphanumeric characters 8mm high and wide viewing angle, multi-colour backlit LCD display.

The PT620 is powered by AC power with integral mains cable. A version is available for powering from 12-28VDC.

Pdf_icon PT620 Datasheet
Product Brochure and Specifications
A/D converter type 24 bit Delta-Sigma ratiometric with integral analogue and digital filters
Conversion Rate Up to 800 conversions per second.
Input sensitivity 0.4 μV/d (approved); 0.05μV/d (non approved)-5mV to +19mV
Analogue input range -5mV to +19mV
Zero offset adjustment range -5mV to +19mV
Display resolution up to 10 000 increments (approved); up to 999 999 increments (industrial)
Internal resolution up to 16 000 000
Non-linearity, temp. coefficient Within 0.0015% FS, < 2 ppm/ºC
Display Wide view angle backlit LCD with 6x 22mm digit height main numerals and 16x 8mm alphanumeric characters. Display of units and status. Bar graph.
3 backlight colours, selectable or programmable, smart bar status.
Scale Capacity and units Up to 300 000kg, Units g, kg, oz, lb Metric/Imperial switchable
Calibration Span calibration with weights, even without without zero calibration.
vCal for calibration by direct entry of load cell characteristics.
Temporary zero calibration, Zero adjustment, Gain adjustment
Calibration of span and zero by fieldbus commands.
Digital filter 5 step programmable adaptive digital filter, Dynamic/Animal weighing
Weighing functions Tare, zeroing, auto zero track, motion detection, auto-zero at power up, tare status save at power off, increased resolution, automatic tare and clear, temporary gross indication, unit change.
RS-232 (2x 3 wire) and modes 1200 to 57600 baud, 7/8 bit, E/O/N. Command, continuous, Printer, BSI, BSI-PRO.
RS-485 and modes 1200 to 57600 baud, 7/8 bit, E/O/N. Command, continuous, Printer, BSI, BSI-PRO output. Up to 31 units on the bus.
USB Standard USB for Mini-B cable (internal on PCB). Command, continuous, Printer, BSI, BSI-PRO communications.
Response Speed < 4mS response delay from read/write commands.
Fieldbus/Ethernet No.
Print Format Programmable 1 line or multi-line, print ticket count number can be preset.
Label printing with graphic (3rd party software may be required for graphic)
Print languages English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish
Additional standard applications Check-weighing, classifying, filling, counting and high resolution scales
Additional weighing functions Piece Counting, Weight Totalling, Piece Totalling, Pre-Tare entry.
Additional data storage Pre-Tare value storage (500 values), ID data (ID1, 500 records for stored items), ID data (ID1, 500 records for stored items), ID Data (ID2, second set 500 records), Average Piece Weight storage for counting (500 values)
Digital/Analogue Inputs and Outputs Optional, Refer comparison table for applicability.
Power Connection Integral cable, 100-240 VAC (100-125VAC with USA plug), 50-60 Hz. 12VDC (12-28) configurable.
Operating Environment -15ºC to +55ºC; max. 90% RH (80% RH, -10~40ºC approved), non-condensing. IP67 sealing with pressure equalising port.
Enclosure Stainless steel. Wall type: 260x200x65mm, Desk type: 250x180x85mm, weight 2.3kg net, 3.2kg gross. Packing size 290x280x210mm.
Optional Interface Cards: The below can be optionally purchased.
Alibi Memory SD card, Up to 999999 records.
Digital Input/Output option card Opto-isolated 4 digital input, 12 to 28 VDC, 10mA, 5 relay outputs, maximum 250 VAC or 30 VDC, 0.2A
Analogue option card Analogue Output; 4–20, 0–20mA, 0–5VDC, 0–10VDC. Max 60000 steps, load 500Ω – 10kΩ
Digital Inputs; Opto-isolated 4 digital input, 12 to 28 VDC, 10mA
Digital Outputs; 5 relay outputs, maximum 250 VAC or 30 VDC, 0.2A
Speed; < 4mS response delay from read/write commands.

Details in the table below show the comprehensive offerings built into this advanced state of the art digital indicator.

Desk Mount PT610DM PT620DM PT630DM
Wall Mount PT610WM PT620WM PT630WM
Panel Mount PT610PM PT620PM PT630PM
Touch Free IR Keys (2 Keys) n/a n/a Yes
Ethernet (TCP/IP) interface Note 3 n/a
Modbus (RTU /TCP) Note 3 n/a O
PROFIBUS DPV1 interface + 4 Input/5 Relay Output O1 n/a O1
PROFINET interface + 4 Input/5 Relay Output
EtherNet/IP interface + 4 Input/5 Relay Output
CANopen interface + 4 Input/5 Relay Output
EtherCAT interface + 4 Input/5 Relay Output
CC-Link interface + 4 Input/5 Relay Output
Powerlink interface + 4 Input/5 Relay Output
2 Platform weighing n/a n/a O
BSI data interface (BSI-PRO, BSI-DIALOG) n/a Yes
Classifying by weight
Filling (non-automatic filling mode)
Piece Counting
Volume calculation (from entered density)
Weight Totalling
Piece Totalling
Pre-Tare entry
Pre-Tare value storage (500 values)
ID data (ID1, 500 records for stored items)
ID Data (ID2, second set 500 records)
Average Piece Weight storage for counting (500 values)
Alibi Memory (999999 records) O
Dynamic/Animal weighing (weighing unstable loads) Yes
Semi-auto/Auto tare, auto tare clear
Setpoint storage (500 sets)
Unit selection (g, kg, t, lb, oz)
Unit Switching (kg/lb, g/oz)
Docket Printing, Print on demand, auto-print
Label Printing (with Barcode2)
Auto-zero tracking and auto-zero at power-up
Motion detection
Adaptive digital filter for faster measuring
Electronic calibration (vCal) without test weights
Electronic calibration (vCal) over field bus
Zeroing and Taring via fieldbus
Zero and Span calibrations over field bus
Zero adjustment without span change
Span adjustment with test weights
Span adjustment without unloading the scale
3 point calibration (linearity correction)
Programming by PT AzCom PC software
8 load cells 350 Ω or 16 load cells 700 Ω
100 – 240 VAC
12 to 28 VDC power supply range
1 000 to 999 999 display resolution
High internal resolution up to 16 000 000 counts
Up to 800 conversion per second
RS-232C Serial interface
RS-232C Second Serial interface
RS-485 Serial interface
USB Serial Interface
BSI data interface (BSI-BASE)
Continuous data output
Fast Continuous data output
4 Digital Inputs, 5 relay outputs (4 DI / 5 RO) O1
Analogue output (4–20, 0–20mA,0–5, 0–10VDC) + 4 DI / 5 RO

O = Option.
O1 = Only one Option can be installed at a time.
2 = Third party barcode software required.
3 = Standard in PT610DM, optional in PT610WM and PT610PM.
n/a = Not Available