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TDR Cable Length Meter

TDR Cable Length Meter

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  • Measures copper cable up to 3.0km
  • 20 Standard Cables Library
  • 99 Internal memory locations store up to 99 traces for future analysis
  • Measures V.O.P (Velocity Of Propagation) of a sample cables
  • Automatic output impedance and range control
  • Auto-Zero / Auto range
  • 2.4 inch TFT Colour Screen
  • High accuracy and fast reflection
  • Auto-Sensitivity allows for closer matching to a wide range of cable under test, only V.O.P. settings required


The MT900 TDR Cable Length Meter is a precision meter that uses TDR (Time domain reflectometer) technology to measure cable length. The meter can be used for any cable consisting of at least two insulated metallic elements, one of which may be the sheath or shield of the cable. It has an automatic internal matching network to allow testing with an automatic selection range, which correspond to power, telephone, CAT 5 and Coax cables. The meter can be closely matched to the cable under test using the function selection keys. The Velocity of propagation (V.O.P.) value can be similar adjusted to match the cable under test, thus ensuring an accurate distance measurement. The MT900 meter has a cable library for quick and easy access to 20 standard cable types, which enables accurate measurement without necessity of entering V.O.P. (Velocity of Propagation).

This TDR cable length meter can also store up to 99 internal memory locations which can be used for future analysis. The V.O.P. can be calculated for the cable under test and added to this library.


Function Range Resolution Accuracy
Maximum Range @ V.O.P 99.9% 3.0 km @ VOP≤ 99.9% 0.1m ±(2% + 0.2m)
Maximum Range @ V.O.P 80.0% 2.4 km @ VOP ≤ 80.0% 0.1m ±(2% + 0.2m)
Maximum Range @ V.O.P 66.0% 2.0 km @ VOP ≤ 66.0% 0.1m ±(2% + 0.2m)
Maximum Range @ V.O.P 50.0% 1.5 km @ VOP ≤ 50.0% 0.1m ±(2% + 0.2m)
Range Selection Automatic
Digital Display 2.4-inch TFT colour screen
Overrange Indication Yes
Output Impedance 25, 50, 75, 100, 125 or 150 ohms
Impedance Selection Automatic output impedance control
Velocity Factor Adjustable from 1.0% to 99.9%
Cable Library 20 standard cable types
Memory Location 99 for Custom cable types
Connector BNC/RJ45
Line Voltage Detection 6.5V
Dead Zone 5m pair cable or coaxial, 10m single cable
Enclosure Moulded casing
Low Battery Indication Yes
Batteries 2 x AA
Weight 227.9g
Dimensions 152 x 61 x 34mm
Safety Specs IEC61326


Carrying Case
BNC Lead
BNC Cable and 2x Croc clips
BNC Test Lead
2 x AA Batteries
Instruction Manual